Pattaya homeless wait for beaches to reopen


Tourist and expats aren’t the only ones who want Pattaya’s beaches to reopen. The homeless do too.

“Somkid”, a homeless man who refused chances to live in a shelter during the coronavirus pandemic, continues to wander around Jomtien Beach, sleeping in an abandoned building near the shoreline.

He said he prefers to sleep on the beach, as it’s cooler than inland. Before Pattaya closed all the beaches, he used to sleep under the stars and palm trees and liked it fine.

Somkid admitted that he was afraid of contracting Covid-19 and was given face masks by generous people he met on the footpath along Jomtien. Some people gave him food as well.

While food is still a scarcity, Somkid said he’s feeling better now that the coronavirus crisis has eased in Pattaya, with no new cases reported for weeks.

Hopefully, he said, Pattaya will reopen the beaches and life will get back what’s normal for him.