Pattaya homeless man gets free ticket home

Sittichok Noysuwan talks about his plight to Pol. Lt. Col. Nitat Weanpradub and said he wanted to go back to his hometown.

A homeless Udon Thani man has been sent back home after being picked up off a Pattaya street.

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Sittichok Noysuwan, 66, came to Pattaya Police Station Sept. 15 asking for help, saying he had no job and no money. With no relatives in Pattaya, he wanted to go back to his hometown of Nakha in the Northeast province’s Muang District.

Police contacted Pattaya City Hall, which gave him some money and put him on an air-conditioned bus back to Issan.

Sittichok Noysuwan thanks Pol. Lt. Col. Nitat Weanpradub, deputy superintendent of Pattaya Police Station for his generosity in buying a bus ticket to go home to his family in Udon Thani.


Officers of the Special Task Unit transported Sittichok to the air-condition bus terminal for his long journey home.