Pattaya food stalls undergo sanitation and quality scrutiny

Vendors at Rong Po Market in North Pattaya undergo thorough sanitation and quality scrutiny of their food stalls.

PATTAYA, Thailand – On June 21, officials from the Public Health Department conducted a thorough food sanitation assessment at Rong Po Market, North Pattaya, emphasizing compliance with sanitation standards for food sold in public spaces. The initiative by Banglamung officials included the distribution of informational leaflets outlining assessment criteria.

All vendors at Rong Po Market underwent comprehensive evaluations covering key categories: location, food quality, and equipment standards. Location assessments required vendors to possess legal permits for their stalls and maintain clean, durable, and easily cleanable stall structures, vehicles, and selling areas. These structures were mandated to be at least 60 centimetres above the ground with regular maintenance. Adequate lighting and proper equipment for food covering to prevent contamination were also strictly enforced.

Food and equipment standards were rigorously evaluated, focusing on the quality and safety of both fresh and dry foods. These items were expected to be stored at proper temperatures and placed according to sanitation guidelines. Seasonings and additives were required to be clean and of high quality. Furthermore, vendors were required to use separate equipment for handling raw and cooked foods and maintain clean water storage for cooking.

This annual assessment plays a pivotal role in ensuring food sanitation standards throughout the year, with officials providing guidance and recommendations for vendors needing improvements to meet these standards.