Pattaya drug addict wanted for attempted rape

A drug addict allegedly tried to rape his neighbor, Miss A (Alias).

Pattaya-area police are hunting a drug addict who allegedly tried to rape his neighbor.

The unidentified suspect allegedly knocked on the door of the neighbor (name withheld for privacy)’s Soi Wat Thamsamakee house Nov. 3 to return some underwear that had been taken from her clothesline.

The victim said the man then pushed her inside, turned off the light and tried to attack her. The woman escaped and, wrapped only in a towel, ran to the attacker’s house and asked for help from his wife. She refused.

The victim then ran to another neighbor’s house for help.

Nongprue police said the suspect’s wife admitted that both she and her husband are addicted to drugs and she helped him flee the scene.