Pattaya customer raises a stink even after shopkeeper agrees to replace her durian


It all started when a TikTok user named @Pingunzaa asked his followers to watch the whole clip and then decide who was at fault. The video clip showed a lady customer throwing insults at the durian shopkeeper without listening to reason. The customer claimed that the durian she bought the day before was spoilt and not edible.

The shopkeeper tried to tell the customer that she could bring the durian back and get a new one in exchange. But the customer was not listening; she just went on shouting insults at the shopkeeper, refusing to go home to bring back the alleged bad durian. She also refused to accept a refund from the shopkeeper.

It got to a point when the shopkeeper, usually a very calm person, grabbed her phone and filmed the whole episode.

Customers and viewers of the clip commented that the fruit seller is a very kind-hearted lady who always seeks to satisfy her customers, ever willing to exchange any bad fruits with new ones when honestly claimed.

Regular customers said that the fruit seller is a very kind-hearted lady ever-willing to exchange any bad fruits with new ones when honestly claimed.

Reporters spoke to Pokchat Surin, 31, daughter of the shop owner at the Mae Pikul Popeye Durian fruit shop located on Pattaya-Naklua Road May 6, who related the incident leading up to the uproar by the angry customer. She said that when the customer bought the durian in question, she was asked whether it should be cut open and the fruit removed. The customer said that she would do it herself at home.

In any case, the shopkeeper made a slit in the fruit’s skin and found that one of the segments containing the aromatic fruit looked like it had a worm in it. The shopkeeper offered to give the customer a new durian plus an extra mouthwatering piece of the durian fruit. Strangely enough, the customer refused and just grabbed the durian and walked off.

The next morning at 8 a.m., the customer stood in front of the shop throwing insults at the shopkeeper, saying how they could be so careless by selling her rotten fruit.

Pokchat’s mother approached the customer and tried to calm her down, still offering to exchange the durian or give her a refund.

There was no making sense with the customer who, after having said her piece, walked away with neither a new fruit nor her refund.

Pokchat Surin speaks to a reporter about the unpleasant incident.