Pattaya’s Chark Ngaew ancient Chinese market reopens

Pattaya’s Chark Ngaew Ancient Chinese market in Huay Yai is open and attracting many local tourists.

The Chark Ngaew Chinese Market in Huay Yai has reopened, tailoring its offerings to Thai tourists.

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Former MP Poramet Ngampichet presided over the Aug. 1 relaunch, noting that the market had been popular with Chinese tourists and, when they left, it ran into hard times.

Street painters haven’t lost the artistic skills they inherited from their Chinese forefathers.

But now the tourist attraction has reopened with an eye toward Thai visitors, focusing on food, art and cultural shows that appeal to Chinese-Thais. It will now be open every Saturday.

Poramet said the market will put income directly into the pockets of local people, create jobs for the unemployed and, with the help of everyone, convey valuable heritage and domestic knowledge to future generations.

Spectators wearing face masks watch stage performances in the market area.



Poramet Ngampichet, assistant to the Cultural Minister, officiated at the reopening of the ancient Chinese community.


Performers from the Pattaya Cultural Council perform traditional Chinese dances on stage.