Pattaya cat survives 2 days impaled on metal rod

The poor male cat suffered two days of extreme agony as it hung on the fence with the sharp steel impaled into its stomach through to its back.

A cat impaled on a metal bar for two days needs a human to help it recover. Sawang Boriboon Thammasathan Foundation volunteers cut the male stray from the top of a metal-spiked wall behind the Marine Pharmacy Shop in Soi Chaiyapruek 2 Feb. 16.

The shopkeeper said she heard the cat crying for two days outside, but couldn’t find it. Finally, she called rescuers who located the animal, who had a metal bar running from its stomach through its back.

Miraculously, the cat survived for two days, but is critically ill with the wound infected. The foundation is hoping someone will come forward to pay for medical care and adopt the feline, if it survives.

The rescue worker consoles the cat after it was freed from the life-threatening steel rod piercing his body.

Residents were relieved to see that the cat had survived his terrible ordeal, but he is still in critical condition.