Pattaya bike shop employees thwart attempted theft

Attapol Eundprasert was caught on CCTV footage trying to steal a new gas tank from the Marina Gas bike shop in Soi Khao Talo 12.

Employees detained a Nongprue man before he could get away with a gas tank he intended to steal.

Attapol Eundprasert, 34, was caught on CCTV June 18 picking up a box containing a new 15-kg gas tank. The package was outside the Marina Gas bike shop in Soi Khao Talo 12, waiting for pickup to deliver to the customer who bought it.

Employee Jedsada Kalorum, 17, told Nongprue police Attapol was often seen around the shop. When Jedsada witnessed Attapol park out front and grab the box around 11 a.m., Jedsada and other employees scrambled to catch and detain him until police arrived.

Attapol allegedly confessed, saying he watched the area over many days to find an opportunity to commit the crime.