Pattaya celebrities endorse handicrafts in support of children’s education

Cristina, Elfi and Rungthip pose with the beautiful decoupage handbags at the Royal Garden Plaza.

For the past few years, the Human Help Network Foundation (Thailand), under the care of Director Radchada Chomjinda, has had a vocational program to encourage children under their care to develop skills in arts and crafts, not only for their own knowledge and enjoyment but also to apply their talents in this line of work if they choose to in the future.

One of the vocational skills taught to them is to design and produce unique decoupage items such as bags, baskets, hats and various souvenirs.

These items are sold at numerous charity functions and fairs to raise money for the care and education of children at the center.

In the past few months, Pattaya personalities, business people and members of service and charity organizations have volunteered their time and resources to act as ‘presenters’ to help promote and publicize the exquisite handicrafts, because all proceeds from the sales of the products go towards paying for the children’s education.

The list of VIP presenters is growing and the latest celebrities to model the products were Elfi Seitz, editor of the Pattaya Blatt, Rungthip Suksrikan, CEO of the Sunbeam Group, and Cristina Betourne, well-known international singing star of the stage and theatre.

Cristina, Elfi and Rungthip pose in front of the HHN decoupage booth at the Royal garden Plaza. Radchada Chomjinda (back right) is thoroughly pleased with the whole affair.

The latest ‘photo shoot’ was held June 18 at the Royal Garden Plaza, where the management of the shopping mall have generously donated a permanent exhibition and sales booth on the ground floor to display and sell the decoupage products.

The 3 eminent ladies were thrilled to see each other again after many years. Elfi said, “Though we live in the same town and have worked closely together for many years doing charity work and helping underprivileged children in our community, life does have its twists and turns and through the years we tend to wander off in different directions and lose touch with the people we love. But now we are together again it makes me very happy.”

Rungthip was also delighted to see her friends saying, “It’s so wonderful to see Elfi and Cristina after so long and especially to be here to help our very dear friend Khun Toy with her most worthwhile project. Our hotel, restaurants and entertainment outlets will help to promote and sell these lovely products to our guests to raise money for the children’s education.”

Cristina, who lived in Pattaya with her husband Laurent many years ago, said she was thrilled to be back home. “It’s been 18 years since we left Pattaya, because my husband Laurent is a hotel manager and worked in Poland and Egypt amongst the many other countries during his career.

Nutsara Duangsri, Sales & Marketing Manager at Pattaya Mail, volunteered to be guest model too.

“I am so happy to be back in Pattaya, and while I’m here I will get involved in service and charity work to raise funds for the underprivileged and poor in our community.”

Shortly after Cristina’s return to Pattaya, she was the star attraction at the Rotary Charity Music Festival held in April this year at the Royal Cliff Hotel. “I was so happy and proud that I played a small part in helping the Rotary Club of Jomtien-Pattaya raise funds at the concert which have been donated to many needy children’s homes already.”

Help from private individuals and organizations for the children’s decoupage project is most welcome. For additional information, please contact Siromet Akarapongpanitch, tel. 086-661-3666, email: [email protected] or visit their website:

A western tourist shows interest in the decoupage products on display.