Pattaya bar workers want to be vaccinated asap

Bar girls are ready to receive Covid-19 vaccines.

Pattaya bars are closed and restaurants have their hours limited. Residents have been left unemployed, leaving them with no income to support their families.

Bar girls surveyed said they went to work in restaurants, but they want the government to quickly provide coronavirus vaccinations to at-risk workers and those in contact with tourists.

According to data from Bangkok Bank, Thailand’s economy still has limits for recovery. The recovery of tourism will rely on vaccinations and “herd immunity”.

According to the latest information, most developing countries can obtain herd immunity around 60-70 percent of the population by receiving Covid-19 vaccines during the second and third quarters.

An English bar in Jomtien changed to selling shaved ice.

Developed countries have a small proportion of foreign tourists traveling to Thailand. Moreover, some countries are facing vaccine problems. Meanwhile, developing countries will gradually obtain herd immunity in the fourth quarter because they have limited budgets.

Pattaya Mayor Sonthaya Kunplome on April 22 met with representatives from the tourism industry. Initially, the Chonburi Public Health Department decided to use the Eastern National Indoor Sports Stadium as a vaccination center because it is large and has convenient parking and facilities for providing service.

Pattaya City requested 1.5 million doses of vaccines, with the first 300,000 to be provided in June at 10,000 doses per day.

Bar girls wake up early to buy raw materials for cooking to save money after being unemployed.
Some bar girls have gained secondary employment for survival.
Pattaya Mayor Sonthaya Kunplome recently met with representatives from the tourism industry.