Parents outraged at school inaction after eighth grader nearly gang-raped in Bang Saray classroom


Parents of a 14-year-old girl nearly gang-raped in a classroom at Baan Bang Saray School were further outraged after the school’s director, Wuthichai Weerawat, refused to take responsibility.

The eighth-grader escaped the July 3 attempted rape at the hands of eight classmates after biting one of her attackers arms and screaming as a teacher passed by in the hallway. To date, no action has been taken against the boys, five of whom the girl identified. Sattahip police, however, said they would question the boys over charges of obscene conduct.

The Sattahip parents of the victim said their daughter was thrown against a wall so hard she fell and, once on the ground, seven boys held her down while the eighth watched the door.

The parents said they met with Wuthichai and were told he would not take personal responsibility for the attack, that it was not the school’s fault and that school officials do their best to protect students from crime.

The parents said the principal pledged to take disciplinary action against the boys if police charged them with the attempted rape.