German drugged, robbed in Soi Buakaow guesthouse


A German man was drugged and robbed by two prostitutes inside his Soi Buakaow guesthouse.

A groggy Laszlo Kolberg, 20, greeted police at the Jasmine Villa around 6 p.m. June 30. He told investigators that, around mid-day, he’d met two women who’d rented a room in the low-rent Soi Buakaow inn. They offered him a special massage, but in his room, not theirs.

Warning bells apparently didn’t sound loudly enough for the eager young German who gulped down a Coke one girl gave him before passing out. He woke up to find 10,000 baht and his mobile phone missing.

The hotel, which rents rooms on a daily or monthly basis, collected identification from the two women, who had already checked out. Police checked security camera footage and will verify if the names the suspects used to register were legitimate.