Painter hurt after explosion, fall at Royal Garden Plaza Pattaya

The rescue team lower Booncherd Klongked to the ground after he fell 5 meters onto a high-voltage transformer at the Royal Garden Plaza.

A painter who dropped thinner into an electrical transformer fell from nearly five meters after it exploded.

Booncherd Klongked, 34, was severely injured in the Feb. 27 fall from a signboard at Royal Garden Plaza. He was taken to a nearby hospital.

Witness Supaporn Homchum, 42, said the painter had scaled the signboard to a height of nearly five meters when he spilled paint thinner, which fell into a high-voltage transformer below.

The transformer exploded, knocking Booncherd from his ladder.

Booncherd Klongked was painting the signboard high above the Royal Garden Plaza when the accident happened.