Overstaying Indian jailed for robbing compatriot

Maninder Singh and Mullika Thongriem were arrested for swindling a man out of 6,000 baht and leaving him with a hefty bar bill.

An Indian man overstaying his visa by two years was arrested for swindling a compatriot out of 6,000 baht and leaving him with a hefty bar bill.

Maninder Singh, 26, and girlfriend Mullika Thongriem, 32, were apprehended March 26 while eating at a restaurant just down the road from the Walking Street pub where they allegedly robbed Sahu Anupam, 31.

Anupam told police the couple befriended him on Walking Street and invited him to the club, claiming to be friends with the owner and, thus, could get a discount. Being a fellow Indian, Anupam said he Singh and went along.

The three partied until after 1 a.m. when they were presented with a bill for 5,350 baht. Anupam offered to pay the bill, but Singh told him he could get a 20 percent discount, so Anupam said he gave his new pal 6,000 baht to go pay the bill.

Thongriem, meanwhile, excused herself to supposedly use the restroom. In fact, the couple slipped out of the pub, taking Anupam’s 6,000 baht and sticking him with the 5,350-baht bar bill.

Police recovered most of the money and found Singh had overstayed his visa by 724 days.