‘Old Uncle Water Truck’ switches gears to sell food in Pattaya

Old Uncle Water Truck’s Pad Thai shop in Soi Kohpai is doing quite well.

With the easing of Pattaya’s drought, an elderly couple selling water from their truck has switched gears to sell stirred fried mussels and Pad Thai instead.

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Panthip Sa-aum and Eakarin Hukathong did good business in South Pattaya during the spring and early summer due to citywide water shortages. But now with taps running smoothly again, people have stopped buying from the “Old Uncle Water Truck” as they are known.


Instead the couple has set up a food shop on Khopai Soi 3, selling tasty dishes for as little as 30 baht each. In addition to their specialties, they also offer homemade raisin bread and roti for dessert.

Old Uncle’s water trucks are put into hibernation for the time being until such time as the Pattaya taps dry up again.


Panthip Sa-aum and Eakarin Hukathong work hard cooking Pad Thai and Hoi Thod for their customers.

The Hoi Thod is cooked before your very eyes, hot and fresh.

Diners come from far and wide to eat the delicious home-made food.


The world famous Pad Thai exquisitely fried in a wok.


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