Nong Plalai man arrested for Remand Prison shooting


A 22-year-old Nong Plalai man was arrested for allegedly firing 30 shots into Pattaya Remand Prison, wounding one inmate.

Chirawat Seuasing was arrested Aug. 29, three days after he allegedly picked up an assault rifle and bullets left for him in Sriracha to fire shots into the men’s cellblocks to scare an inmate who owed a fellow inmate money for drugs. Police said Chirawat confessed to being paid 10,000 baht by the drug-dealing inmate – identified only as “Dave” – to do the shooting.

Chirawat Seuasing (bottom) shows police where the gun was hidden. Chirawat Seuasing (bottom) shows police where the gun was hidden.

One unidentified prisoner was injured in the shooting, not from bullets but by concrete hit by bullets that fell on him. Officials did not say if the injured prisoner was the intended victim.

A search of Chirawat’s home near the prison uncovered the SK rifle, 20 bullets and the Honda Wave motorbike he allegedly was driving at the time of the shooting. The suspect confessed, police said, to picking up 140 bullets left for him by the inmate’s friends.

The shooting rattled prison and police officials, who responded to the incident by shrouding as much of the Nong Plalai facility in secrecy as much as possible and deploying a special-tactics squad to patrol the grounds. Guards and prison directors also spun conspiracy tales about the shooting possibly being connected to a disgraced guard whose house was shot at and bombed during recent weeks. That guard, suspected of bribery and gambling, has applied for a transfer to Bangkok.