Burmese fisherman shot dead in Bang Saray


Sattahip police are looking for long-haired gunman who shot and killed a Burmese fisherman aboard his boat at the Bang Saray Pier.

The 35-year-old Myanmar national, identified only as “Don,” was pronounced dead by Sawang Boriboon Rojthummasathan Sattahip medics Aug. 28 aboard the Sirijinda. He died of a single gunshot to the head.

Witness Thana Piempol, 38, said he was fishing at the end of the pier when he saw a long-haired man, around age 30, drive up to the boat around 12:30 a.m., jump aboard and get into an argument with the victim. The gunmen then pulled a handgun and fired the deadly shot before fleeing.

Fellow crewmember Chairat Phromsiri, 48, said the victim had been working aboard the fishing boat for about a month and never appeared to have a problem with anyone. The crew had pulled into the pier to give the fishermen time with their families and the Burmese man had elected to stay on the boat.

Police planned to search closed-circuit cameras along roads leading into the pier in hopes of getting a clear photo of the gunman.