No one injured in midnight fire at Pattaya’s Naklua Lan Pho Market

Merchandise inside the ‘Ratanaphan’ dried food souvenir shop was destroyed during a midnight fire at Lan Pho market.

No one was injured in a late-night fire in Naklua this weekend.
Naklua community president Santi Thongnoi, 55, discovered the blaze a little after midnight Saturday night / Sunday morning Oct. 24 inside Naklua Lan Pho Market.

Banglamung Firefighters were able to control the fire before it spread, but merchandise inside the ‘Ratanaphan’ dried food souvenir shop was destroyed.

Witnesses reported the fire started in the back of the shop. Santi said the flames reached well into the sky and awoke vendors living inside the market.
Police are investigating the cause.

Banglamung police are investigating the cause.