Naval reservists learn marine rescue, life-saving skills

Navy reserved personnel go through their paces learning the techniques of rescuing drowning victims and saving their lives.

Naval reservists learned marine rescue and live-saving skills at a course that could be expanded to lifeguards in Pattaya.

Twenty members of the Reserve Forces Club joined the two-day class led by the navy’s Sea Special Rescue Club July 2-3 at the Mahidol Adulyadej Naval Shipyard and Nang Rum Beach.

Course leader, Chusak Chupaitoon, former deputy chief of staff for the Royal Thai Navy, said the reservists club was founded in 2015 and the life-saving course was created as many former sailors may find themselves in situations where they can save drowning victims or in natural disasters.

The first day of the course saw classroom instruction, first aid lessons and swimming practice, followed by a swim test. The second day, in the ocean, covered marine rescues and life-saving drills.

Chusak said the course was so successful the navy may offer to train lifeguards in Pattaya and Bangsaen.

Navy personal train in the open sea to learn about marine rescue missions and life-saving drills.


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