Free screenings offered after TB outbreak in Pattaya

A mobile medical unit from the Nong Samor Health promotion Hospital in East Pattaya gave residents free tuberculosis tests after some cases were detected in Pattaya.

Banglamung health officials offered free tuberculosis screenings after TB cases were found in the Pattaya area.

Nong Samor Health Promotion Hospital in East Pattaya hosted the screenings July 3.

The tests were ordered after people contracted the contagious respiratory disease and did not go to the hospital. The TB cases spread to an unspecified number of people.

People with latent TB will not have any symptoms and that type of disease will not spread to other people. However, latent TB can become active TB, which needs to be treated as its nearly as contagious as the flu or a cold.

Those at risk for pulmonary TB are those with weak immune systems, people who traveled or live in areas with TB, drug abusers, smokers and alcoholics.

An elderly woman is assisted onto the mobile medical unit to be screened for tuberculosis.