Motorcyclist plunges into hole on poorly lit Pattaya street

Watsapol Thataworn sits dazed next to his motorbike which fell into the deep hole in the poorly lit road and no warning lights.

A motorcyclist was seriously injured after falling into a deep hole on a poorly lit construction site on Sukhumvit Road in Naklua.

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Watsapol Thataworn, 39, did not see the flashing warning light in front of the two-meter-deep trench at the Rong Mai Keed intersection Dec. 3 and drove his Honda Click directly into it.

While the hole has a small warning light, the entire stretch of road is dark. Despite utility poles standing on either side of the roadwork, no lights were installed, leading to multiple accidents at the site, local residents said.

Having being rescued and brought up to the surface, Watsapol lays almost unconscious on the concrete road.


Bystanders and recue workers mingle around the hole complaining that the road builders are very negligent by not erecting better safety signs.


As if looking down into an archaeological excavation site, one can see the remains of what looks like a wrecked motorbike.