Monumental floods and destruction in Pattaya Wednesday morning

One lane of Jomtien beach road near Grand Jomtien Hotel collapsed, pulling palm trees down to the beach and caused traffic chaos.

Pattaya awakened on Wednesday morning to what looked like a scene out of a Hollywood disaster movie.

All throughout the night the tropical storm wielded its wrath, dumping non-stop heavy rain all over the country and Pattaya was not spared.

The rain did not stop at dawn but kept pouring down all morning and through most of the day.

Pattaya streets are known to flood even with the slightest of rainfall, but with such a forceful blitz of rain throughout the night, the worst was about to hit the unsuspecting citizens that day.

By late morning, the extent of the devastation became more visible as water rose to new heights in almost every part of town.

One of the hardest hit areas was Jomtien Beach Road at the intersection near Grand Jomtien Hotel. The beach road collapsed and slid 5 meters onto the beach. Palm trees and traffic light posts were sucked down to the beach too.

Police had to close off that section of road and direct traffic through little sois so people could travel to and from Pattaya.

Some roadside fishermen had a field day as they always do during floods. Hundreds of fish swam or flowed with the floods onto the roads and highways where people cast their nets or set their traps for easy catches.

The worst is not over as the Meteorological Department issued a forecast for provinces in the eastern region, particularly Chanthaburi and Trat, that they should be on high alert for possible flash floods. A warning has also been posted for Rayong and Chonburi to expect torrential rainfall between September 9 and 11.

Thailand’s capital Bangkok is expected to get light to heavy rain over 70% of the metropolitan area in the coming days.

Pattaya is bracing for more bad weather which could get worse from Thursday September 9 until the weekend.