Monkey avoids BBQ to eat fruit on Pattaya power lines

The brave monkey sits high on a pole in the midst of high voltage electric wires enjoying his fruit, oblivious of the fact that a false move could cost him his life.

Cats crossing electricity lines is nothing new, but Pattaya residents did a double take when they spotted a monkey doing a tightrope act to gather fruit.

One misstep and it easily could have been barbecued monkey, but the simian seen atop power lines outside the Nai Chang noodle restaurant on Pattanakarn Road in Naklua got lucky. Without touching a utility pole that would have grounded and fried him, the monkey stuck to the wires to sit and eat its fruity meal.

The death-defying wire-walking monkey strolls high above the street without fear or panic.

Nai Chang employees said they had seen the monkey several times before. It comes to the front of the restaurant and workers give it some fruit. It then scurries up the power pole and on to the wires for lunch.

Pattaya officials weren’t amused, however, saying they needed to collect the potentially dangerous animal and return it to the wilderness.

Residents hold their breaths as they watch the acrobatic monkey eat his fruit in the midst of high-voltage electric wires hoping that he will not be electrocuted.