Mentally ill Pattaya man off meds punches mother in face

Police tackled the 19-year-old aggressive man and took him away to a local hospital.

A mentally ill man off his medication was hospitalized after punching his mother in the face.

Suwanit Sithisorn, 47, called police April 19 following the attack by the 19-year-old at their two-story home in Nongprue.

She said the youth was mentally ill, but had not taken medication for four years because she couldn’t afford the costly prescriptions after her son’s American father left them.

He sometimes showed aggressive symptoms, but never anything as bad as today, Suwanit said. He had been hurting himself and then tried to hurt her. She hid in the bathroom and called police.

Police tried to calm the man down, but ended up tackling him and taking him to a local hospital’s mental ward.

Policemen stand guard outside as other officers enter the house to talk sense to the young violent man.