Marine-safety officials step up enforcement at Pattaya pier

The Coast Guard is out in force this weekend to prevent accidents and respond to emergencies.

The Marine Department ramped up enforcement of boating-safety measures ahead of the busy year-end weekend.

Deputy Director Sompong Jirasirilert chaired a Dec. 29 ceremony at Bali Hai Pier with Pattaya inspectors.

Inspectors are doing double duty, checking the usual marine-safety requirements, such as adequate supplies of life vests and that boats are seaworthy, and that operators are enforcing disease-control measures, such as checking temperatures.

Over the New Year, the Marine Department is working with marine police, tourist police, Chonburi tourism officials and volunteers to both prevent and respond to accidents and emergencies.

Marine Department Deputy Director Sompong Jirasirilert and Pattaya Director Pisuit Amornyuth let the public know they are there to help.

Marine safety requirements necessitate passenger boats be seaworthy and have adequate supplies of life vests, and operators must enforce disease-control measures, such as checking temperatures.