Marine police cite Pattaya speedboat for 50% overloading

Officers from the Maritime Enforcement Command Center inspected speedboats and passenger ferries at Bali Hai Pier where they found one speedboat violated the law by carrying more than the permitted number of passengers.

A Pattaya speedboat driver was arrested for packing 50% more passengers on his craft than allowed by its license.

The navy’s Maritime Enforcement Command Center Area 1 joined Pattaya and Sriracha marine police, tourist police, Pattaya Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Department officers and Chonburi Tourism and Sports Department officials in a mass inspection of large and small passenger boats at Bali Hai Pier Oct. 22.

Two large tourist boats and four speedboats were checked, with the New Chonlatee speedboat found to be overloaded. It is licensed to carry a maximum 24 passenger. Captain Preecha Khakhay had packed in 35.

He was taken into custody and charged with violating Thai maritime laws.

2 large boats were also inspected for safety at the Bali Hai Pier, but were found to be operating lawfully.