Man with ants in pants exposes himself to Pattaya women

A chubby man riding a red motorbike bought a soft drink, then exposed his genitals to the 19-year-old woman taking his change.

A Pattaya market vendor warned residents about a man exposing himself to young women, claiming he had ants in his pants.

Max, 42, recounted an incident he posted to Facebook – but not the police – about a chubby man riding a red motorbike who bought a soft drink and then, when receiving his change from Max’s 19-year-old daughter, exposed his genitals.

The Amorn Nakhon Market vendor said Jan. 31 that his wife, who was present, grabbed a broom and threatened to hit the man if he didn’t leave. When asked why he did it, the culprit claimed he had an ant bite.

Based on comments on the Facebook video Max posted, it was not the first time that antsy-pants man had done this. Commenters called on police to investigate.

When confronted by the girl’s mother, who wielded a broom to chase him away, he claimed he had an ant bite on his willy.