Luxury yacht burns at Ocean Marina Pattaya

Firemen fight the blaze that destroyed the luxury yacht ‘Shiraz’ anchored at the Ocean marina Pattaya.

Fire destroyed a luxury yacht anchored at Pattaya’s Ocean Marina Yacht Club.

Four fire trucks from Najomtien Subdistrict responded to the Jan. 10 blaze on the 53-foot luxury yacht “Shiraz”. Firefighters had to drag hoses 50 meters across the marina where they battled the flames for 30 minutes. No one was injured.

The fire is believed to have started in the yacht’s battery system, but remains under investigation.

The yacht was valued at 20 million baht.

Fire engulfs the luxury yacht berthed at Ocean Marina.

An aerial photo shows the charred remains of the yacht after the fire was extinguished.

Another aerial photo of the Ocean Marina Yacht Club shows fire engines on the pier as the yacht burns at her berth.