Lamborghini driver pays 10,000 baht for slapping gas station attendant

Security camera footage shows the conceited Lamborghini super car driver slap Anupong Chodpong, the gas station attendant for spilling petrol on his car.

The entitled driver of a Lamborghini super car paid a gas-station attendant 10,000 to avoid assault charges after he slapped the man for spilling fuel on his expensive vehicle.

Attendant Anupong Chodpong, 23, brought security camera footage of the Sept. 27 to Plutaluang police, demanding officers not give a free pass to the perpetrator just because he was rich. Thailand’s justice system is infamous for favoring the wealthy and powerful.

The video showed the unidentified perpetrator pulling into the PTT gas station on Highway 331 where Anupong helped him. But, during the fillup, the gas cap fell on the vehicle, spilling petrol on the paint.
The driver slapped Anupong in the face with the back of his hand, then drove away.

As police were taking Anupong’s report, a lawyer for the Lamborghini driver showed up at the police station and, in exchange for the victim not pressing charges, paid him 10,000 baht.
The lawyer claimed the Lamborghini driver “felt guilty” about his behavior after driving away.

Footage shows the vainglorious Lamborghini super car driver point to the petrol spill on his car before backhanding the gas station attendant.


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