Korean tourist pickpocketed by Pattaya’s notorious transgender thieves

South Korean tourist Sang Hyeon Lee tells police how he was lewdly accosted by a ladyboy on Beach Road who robbed him of his wallet containing 5000 baht.

A South Korean tourist was pickpocketed by a transgender thief on Pattaya Beach.

Sang Hyeon Lee, 43, reported to Pattaya police on Nov. 2 that he and some friends were walking past Soi 13/2 on Beach Road when they were accosted by a ladyboy, who hugged him while making a lewd proposition.

Sang refused the offer, but noticed afterward his wallet with 5,000 baht was plucked from his handbag during the encounter.

Regional police recently pointed at that intersection as one of the worst spots for street crime, nearly all of it committed by ladyboys.