Jomtien Beach Road closed for another week

Pattaya City maintenance crews are tasked with quickly repairing the heavy damage on Jomtien Beach Road.

Jomtien Beach Road will remain closed for at least another week as crews work to repair damage caused by last week’s heavy storm.

Mayor Sonthaya Kunplome instructed the city’s maintenance department to finish repairs and repave the surface within a week. On Sept. 11, an unnamed spokesman said his crews are working hard to reach the mayor’s deadline, but much depends on the weather cooperating.

Any more heavy rain could cause delays.

Roadblocks have been set up to deter traffic from passing through the area in front of the Grand Jomtien Palace Hotel. Motorists are advised to find alternate routes.

Crews have their work cut out for them to repair the section of road washed away by floodwaters.

A large pump has been installed to drain away rainwater as crews attempt to fix the road in just one week.