Hospitality industry cultivates high-quality workforce at professional skills competition

A judge looks on intently as a skilled female bartender showcases her exceptional drink mixing expertise, adding flair to the vibrant world of beverages.

PATTAYA, Thailand – In a proactive move to elevate vocational education and address the evolving needs of the tourism sector, Pattaya Technical College orchestrated a lively event on November 15. The event featured a professional skills competition and a beverage mixing activity, showcasing students’ proficiency at the vocational education level.

Organized by the Office of the Vocational Education Committee, the event aimed to cultivate a high-quality workforce tailored to the requirements of the local tourism industry. The primary focus was on nurturing and refining students’ beverage mixing skills, enabling them to apply their acquired knowledge and abilities in real-world scenarios.

The competition, divided into Classic Bartender and Flair Bartender categories, attracted numerous student teams, injecting excitement and diversity into the proceedings. Beyond serving as a platform for honing professional skills, the competitive atmosphere provided students with invaluable experiences outside the traditional classroom setting.

Competitors brought style and enthusiasm to the Classic and Flair Bartender categories, adding diversity and excitement to the event.