Homeless, python ruin day for South Pattaya market sellers

Pattaya City Councilor Nikom Sangkaew speaks with a sidewalk vendor who complained of being harassed by homeless people at Wat Chai Mongkol Market.

South Pattaya market vendors were having a bad day Friday, annoyed by both crude-talking homeless people and a big python.
Pattaya City Council members Nikom Sangkaew and Prasartphon Deeden talked Friday with both vendors at the Wat Chaimongkol Market and homeless people camped out on sidewalks.

Sellers complained that the homeless have been harassing customers, often speaking crudely and sexually harassing women.
Making things worse, meters-long python was found in a drainage pipe outside neighboring Pattaya School No. 8, where road construction has upended the environment.
The city councilors called in animal-control officers to deal with the snake and police to roust the homeless. The two also spoke to the vagabonds, telling them to leave the area.

To make matters more exciting for the city officials and passersby a huge python was discovered and captured outside Pattaya School No.8 on South Pattaya Road.