Homeless Pattaya man beaten by 6 hooligans

Vagrant Komsan Pinket was beaten to near death, allegedly by a gang of six teenagers.

A homeless Pattaya man suffered serious injuries after being beaten by a half-dozen gang members.

Komsan Pinket, 54, took nearly all the abuse to his head, with a busted lip, two black eyes and other cuts and bruises. He was treated at a local hospital after being found by restaurateur Samai Chimmachui, 38.

The vagrant told police he used to work for a company in Laem Chabang but lost his job and home during the coronavirus pandemic.

Samai said she tries to help Komsan by paying him to wash dishes and clean her restaurant. On May 8, however, he didn’t show up and when she went looking, she found him bleeding beside an ATM in South Pattaya.

Restaurateur Samai Chimmachui, who employs Komsan part-time as a dishwasher, found him bleeding beside an ATM in South Pattaya.

Komsan said six youths on motorbikes jumped him, with one holding him in a headlock while the other punched and kicked. They ran away when a police car approached.

Police are pulling CCTV camera footage in an attempt to identify the attackers.

Komsan said he’s afraid to return to his street, fearing the youths will return. Samai posted the ordeal to Facebook where many people expressed sympathy for him and cursed the attackers.

Many people on Facebook expressed sympathy for Komsan and cursed the attackers.