Haphazard disposal of face masks cause grave danger to Pattaya garbage collectors

Pattaya garbage collectors work under extreme health hazardous conditions, especially nowadays when thousands of used face masks are improperly discarded.

The Covid-19 pandemic has made it vital to wear face masks which, if discarded improperly, can become a health hazard for those that come in contact with them.

Deputy Mayor Manote Nongyai said April 1 that improper disposal of used face masks poses a health danger not only for other people but more especially to the garbage collectors and disposal workers.

He said that used face masks contain saliva, nasal mucus and other impurities, not to mention the Covid-19 virus if the person is infected.

Deputy Mayor Manote Nongyai is instructing Pattaya citizens to be more thorough when disposing of their used face masks.

He stressed that people should be instructed on the proper method of disposing of their used face masks which are:

Initially, the person must wash their hands thoroughly before removing the mask.

The person should hold the straps on both sides of the face and remove the mask in one straight movement from the face.

Do not touch the front of the mask.

Put a large visible mark on the mask to show that it has been used. The best method is to cut it with scissors, so it is not reusable.

Touching only the edges, fold the mask in half and then in quarters keeping the side that touched your face on the inside.

Use the straps to tie the mask and put it in a small plastic bag. Tie the top tightly with string or rubber band.

A Pattaya garbage disposal truck dumps its collected waste into another truck to be transported to the city garbage dump.

If the person using the mask is a high-risk person, then clean the bag with sanitizing fluid and or Sodium Hydrochloride 5%. Place the plastic bag in another plastic bag and tie the top tightly.

Write legibly on the bag that it contains contaminated substance and discard it in designated contaminated garbage disposal containers.

Wash your hands thoroughly for 20 seconds or cleanse with sanitising alcohol.

This procedure will, to a greater extent, protect the garbage collectors from contracting any impurities in the course of doing their work.

The deputy mayor reiterated that during these sensitive and uncertain times, everyone should always wear a face mask in public to protect themselves and others from contracting the dreaded Covid-19.

Medical face masks are easily available nowadays and therefore tens of thousands of used face masks are thrown away every day.

Washable cloth face masks are very popular, but at the same time must be discarded in the proper hygienic method.