Grab Food driver plunges four stories down empty elevator shaft

Rescue workers climb into an elevator shaft and lower ropes to retrieve a man who didn’t notice the elevator wasn’t there when the doors opened.

A food-delivery driver fell four stories when he walked through elevator doors into an empty shaft in Chonburi.

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The unnamed Grab Food driver was staring into his telephone when, after pushing the elevator call button on the fourth floor, he walked into what he thought was the lift when the doors opened. It wasn’t.

The food-delivery driver suffered serious injuries after not looking up from his phone and falling four stories down an elevator shaft.

Satawit Pongprasert, a paramedic with Thammarat Samaneerat Rescue Squad, said the deliveryman lived in the building near the Muang Electricity Market in Muang District’s Samet Subdistrict. He had just left his apartment after receiving an order to pick up and deliver.

The victim had to be lifted via rope back to the fourth floor. He suffered serious injuries and broke bones in his arms, legs and ribs.

Police are investigating why the elevator was out of order.


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