Girlfriend slashes open Pattaya boxer’s belly ‘by accident’

Emergency medical technicians tend to Angkan Pongsapund, stabbed in the stomach by his girlfriend.

A Pattaya boxer had his stomach slashed open by his girlfriend in what she called an accident.

Angkan Pongsapund, who fights under the name Khon Kaen Sit Pho Lek, suffered a long gash to the abdomen at the couple’s Soi Khao Talo Soi 8 home April 2. He was transported to Bangkok Hospital Pattaya.

Girlfriend Sujittra Pitsanong, 31, said she and Angkan had been arguing. She claimed she was putting the 30-centimeter kitchen knife away in a cabinet when the boxer pulled on her arm. She pulled back, he slipped and the knife slashed open his belly, Sujittra claimed.

Police took the knife and are continuing to investigate.

Sujittra Pitsanong tried to explain to police what happened.


Angkan was transported to Bangkok Hospital Pattaya.