Four tourists severely injured after falling from Pattaya’s Koh Larn bridge

The hapless tourists lay injured on the rocks below the bridge as rescue workers administer first aid.

Pattaya rushed to repair a wooden bridge on Koh Larn after a railing broke, causing several tourists to fall.

Four women were hurt Feb. 13 when, as they leaned back on a railing, it broke, sending them falling two meters to Sangwan Bridge. Three of the injuries were serious.

City workers repaired the railing and posted a caution sign on Feb. 14. They admitted the accidents were not the first.

The women suffered broken bones and head injuries, including one suffering a concussion. Three were sent to Bangkok Hospital Pattaya and the fourth to an unspecified hospital.

Deputy Mayor Wuthisak Rermkijakarn gave each of the injured 5,000 baht in compensation.

A lady tourist cries in pain as she sits on the rocks waiting to be rescued.

One of the tourists who suffered a fractured skull is transferred to a local hospital on the Pattaya mainland for treatment.

Koh Larn officials hastily erect a shoddy sign to warn the tourists of the danger beyond.