14-year-old steals Pattaya taxi driver’s motorbike

Police stand watch over the exhausted and dejected 14-year-old motorbike thief after the owner gave chase and captured him.

A 14-year-old was arrested for trying to steal a motorcycle-taxi driver’s bike.

Driver Neramit Klayprayoon, 46, apprehended the unidentified boy on Second Road at Soi 9 after a four-block pursuit. He was held there until police arrived.

Neramit said he saw the boy pacing back and forth near his taxi stand on Second Road at Soi 13 and, suddenly, the teen jumped on his Honda Wave and drove away. Neramit gave pursuit on another bike and cut him off.

The nervous thief was extremely exhausted and threw up on being caught. On questioning police discovered that the boy is of Thai-Italian heritage and a student at one of the local schools in Pattaya.


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