First came Pattaya’s easy restaurant licenses; now comes police raids

Police raided Hot Shots on Soi 6 which had pulled down the shutters for a lock-in party.

After go-go, hostess and beer bars were allowed to reopen as restaurants, sparking a tidal wave of coronavirus cases in Pattaya, local police have begun cracking down, raiding 19 bars in two nights for abusing the law and disease-control regulations.

A night after seven restaurant managers were put in cuffs for serving up beer but forgetting about food, another 12 eateries in name only were raided.

Pattaya police chief Pol. Col. Kullachart Kullachai led the Jan. 12 operation after 9 p.m. when booze can no longer be sold legally.

The newly opened Hot Shots brothel on Soi 6 had pulled down the shutters for a “lock-in party” but police knew foreigners and bargirls were still inside carousing.

Likewise, the 9 Kom bar’s attempt to drape a canvas over the front fooled no one. All 12 bar managers and owners face a bevy of charges for beverages still being served after hours.

9 Kom Shop was also open illegally.

You can pull down the shutters, but you can’t hide.