Fire scare at Dubai Restaurant shakes Pattaya Walking Street

Emergency response teams gather outside Dubai Restaurant on Walking Street as firefighters rush inside to extinguish the flames in the premises.

PATTAYA, Thailand – A fire broke out at Dubai Restaurant located in South Pattaya Soi 16, in the heart of Walking Street, on June 15. The incident unfolded in a three-story commercial building hosting an international restaurant renowned for its Indian, Arabic, and Pakistani cuisine.

Large plumes of smoke engulfed the establishment, as special operations officers evacuated tourists amidst chaotic scenes. Water trucks were deployed to douse the flames, bringing the fire under control within a short period, although lingering smoke persisted.

Initial investigations revealed that the fire originated from a wooden column, causing damage to electrical appliances and an air conditioning unit. Boonyakorn Singhsung, 41, a Pattaya special operations officer, sustained a hand injury from broken glass while attempting to open a window during the evacuation. Rescue personnel administered first aid on-site before transferring him to the hospital for further treatment.

Boonyakorn recounted the incident, stating that upon receiving the fire report, he and his team rushed to the scene. Fearing people might be trapped inside, he attempted to open a window, inadvertently injuring himself on the shattered glass.