Family beach day ruined by truck burglar stealing cash and mobile phones

Theft victim Suradej Junlanart points to where the cellphones and cash had been before they were stolen.

A Sriracha family had its beach day ruined when a thief burglarized their pickup truck, making off with 1200 baht and eight mobile phones.

Chomphu Naktrakul, 43, said she organized the Sept. 3 outing for 18 family members at Bangsaen Beach. Eight people locked up their cash and mobile phones in a storage box, but inadvertently left the box in the bed of their Isuzu pickup truck.

When everyone left the beach and went to a restroom to change clothes, a man on a blue motorbike stopped next to the truck and took a bag out of the cargo box in the truck bed, stashed it under his seat and rode away, said witness Noy Meemak. The beach food cart vendor told police she didn’t stop the man as she thought he was part of the family.

“In the past, we rarely had a chance to visit Bang Sean Beach. I would like the thief to think carefully about what he did, causing trouble for people during these bad economic times,” Chomphu said.

Food cart vendor Noy Meemak witnessed the theft but thought the thief was part of the family.

Police will check CCTVs in the area to trace the thief’s escape route.