Environmental concerns peak for South Pattaya canal

Metakrit Sunthornrot raises concerns over environmental issues surrounding the South Pattaya Canal during a Pattaya City Council session.

PATTAYA, Thailand – Environmental worries have reached a crescendo in the recent session of the Pattaya City Council, as member Metakrit Sunthornrot sounded the alarm over the persistent challenges plaguing the South Pattaya Canal. Despite assurances of progress, the situation continues to deteriorate, prompting renewed calls for urgent action.

Metakrit emphasized the city’s commitment to combat environmental challenges, particularly in managing the vital South Pattaya Canal. Plans were outlined to address various issues, including dredging the canal, managing encroachments, and expanding its capacity for improved drainage efficiency.

However, Metakrit revealed that despite efforts to reclaim public spaces and clear the canal, new obstacles had arisen. Tenants in buildings along the canal were reportedly diverting wastewater illegally, exacerbating pollution levels. Additionally, indiscriminate dumping of waste and sediment further degraded the canal’s condition.

Metakrit highlighted delays in constructing efficient drainage channels and rampant violations of regulations, such as unauthorized construction near the canal. Frustration grew among residents due to perceived slow and ineffective responses from authorities.

Expressing uncertainty about the future, Metakrit questioned the efficacy of current measures in addressing persistent issues. Despite the “Beautiful Clean Canal” project aiming to rejuvenate the waterway, its realization seemed distant.

Metakrit urged urgent action from authorities and stakeholders to confront the severity of environmental challenges in the South Pattaya Canal. Strict enforcement of laws and immediate measures to alleviate environmental degradation were deemed imperative.