Efforts to tackle homelessness in Pattaya showing promise



Homeless people occupy the front of a closed shop house in Pattaya, highlighting the city’s on-going homelessness challenges.


PATTAYA, Thailand – Efforts to address homelessness in Pattaya, took a positive turn, when on June 13 as the Peacekeeping Division of Pattaya’s Social Welfare Office, collaborated with the Chonburi Provincial Homeless Protection Center, to focus on assisting homeless individuals in the Pattaya Beach area. The joint effort particularly targeted Soi 13/4, the local market vicinity, and Wat Chai Mongkol Temple in South Pattaya. Seven individuals were provided assistance and relocated to the Homeless Protection Center in Rong Po, while one person requiring medical attention was promptly transferred to Banglamung Hospital.

This initiative was sparked by community concerns and numerous public reports urging regular inspections and profiling of homeless individuals across different locales. Residents advocate for sustained efforts to identify recurring individuals and implement sustainable solutions that address the underlying causes of homelessness. The growing presence of homeless populations raises apprehensions about safety, cleanliness, and the overall appeal of Pattaya as a tourist destination.

The homeless are escorted to the Chonburi Provincial Homeless Protection Center, where they receive support and care, in Pattaya’s efforts to address homelessness.

Residents have recounted encounters with homeless individuals in distressing circumstances. Reports describe scenes such as a mentally unstable woman fishing near a storm drain in Soi Buakhao, and clusters of homeless individuals near Tukcom in South Pattaya, occasionally involved in disruptive behaviour like loud arguments that disturb nearby residents. Incidents of theft at Yinyom Beach further underscore public unease.

To foster a more liveable and tourist-friendly environment, there is a collective desire for consistent, pre-emptive measures. Pattaya’s community urges on-going collaboration between local authorities and social welfare agencies to develop holistic strategies that provide meaningful support to the homeless while addressing community concerns. These efforts aim to safeguard the city’s reputation and ensure it remains a welcoming destination for both residents and visitors