Drunk Pattaya swimmer survives 2nd near-drowning in 2 days

The fun-loving woman emerges from the sea flashing an “I love you” and mini-heart sign to the anxious crowd on the beach.

A drunk woman who nearly drowned twice in two days made it to shore as rescue efforts began in Pattaya.

The unidentified woman in her mid-30s was seen off Pattaya beach at Soi Pattaya 13/4 around 1 a.m. Oct. 10, struggling to keep her head afloat. Marine rescuers were notified and were mounting a rescue effort when she made it back to shallow water and flashed the crowd an “I love you” and mini-heart sign with her fingers.

Her unidentified husband said his wife likes to swim when she gets drunk, but she often gets into trouble. Just the day before she nearly drowned, but was pulled to shore by other beachgoers.

James Bond wasn’t waiting for the inebriated woman emerging from the sea except for worried marine rescuers and friends.