Drug user fights with pot dealer on Pattaya Beach

Police arrested Nintawat Jamjan charging him for drug use and robbing a pot dealer of 1200 baht.

A marijuana dealer and drug user ended up before police after a fight and alleged robbery.
Anukul Srijan 28, claimed Oct. 9 that Nintawat Jamjan 28, stole 1,200 baht and ripped off his shirt Oct. 9 on Soi 13/4.

Officers hunted down Nintawat who told a very different story. He claimed the two were friends, even though they only met the day before while both were drinking on the beach.

Anukul sells weed on the beach and, for some reason, the new “friends” got into a fight. Nintawat said Anukul’s shirt got ripped in the fracas.

He was unable to explain how Anukul’s 1,200 baht ended up in his pocket, however.

Jailed before on drug charges, Nintawat confessed to still be using illicit narcotics, but denied he robbed his “buddy”.
He was charged with drug use and robbery anyway.