Drunk driver sleeps off bender on traffic island


Rather than take his chances with his life and the law by driving, a drunk motorcyclist slept off his bender on a traffic island in Sattahip.

A rescue team was alerted to the man sleeping on the median at the Pla Muk junction of Sukhumvit Road March 23. There they found a Honda Wave motorbike and, 20 meters away, a snoring Chaiporn Keungjied.

Fully dressed and reeking of booze, the 40-year-old motorcyclist was roused and told authorities he lived on Soi Dhammawittaya and had been out drinking with friends.

The rescue squad assists the inebriated man to get back home safely.

On the way, he saw a road checkpoint and was afraid he’d get caught driving under the influence, so he pulled on to the center median, laid in the tall grass and had a snooze.

The rescue squad made Chaiporn contact relatives to come pick him up.