2 Cambodians arrested for murder of compatriot


Two Cambodians have been arrested for allegedly slashing the throat of a compatriot.

The body of Korn Pithu, 29, was found in his Soi Samnaktabaek apartment in Nongprue March 20. He had bled out from the neck and had his head bashed in with metal bars found at the scene.

Neighbor Kithipong Thepakhan, 31, said he heard screaming coming from the room and saw two Cambodians attacking the victim when he came to see what the ruckus was. He identified them to the police only as Mai, 22, and Chan, 24.

A friend of the victim attacks the confessed killers as they were re-enacting their heinous act.

He said he tried to stop the fight, but Chan pulled a long knife and stabbed Korn in the throat twice. They then fled the scene.

Arrest warrants were issued and the two were picked up at a gas station on Highway 36 the next day.

Nongprue police said both men admitted killing their fellow countryman because they often got into fights and because Korn threatened to kill them first.

They were taken for a police re-enactment the next day.