Drunk Cambodians face immigration questions after crash

Two drunken Cambodians on a motorbike hit a new car and then belligerently said they had no money to pay for any damage and didn’t care.

Two drunk Cambodians who hit a new car are facing additional questions from Immigration over their legal status.

Police were called to Soi Land Office 2 Dec. 24 after the fender-bender between a Honda Scoopy and a brand-new Mitsubishi Attrage driven by Poramet Eampia, 36.

The drunk Cambodian driver, whose blood-alcohol level tested at 0.18%, and his drunk companion belligerently shouted at Poramet and police that they had no money to pay for any damage and, therefore, didn’t care.

As no one was injured, police were more concerned with the fact neither of the Khmer men could produce a passport or work permit. They will be questioned by immigration police, although both claimed to be legally working in Pattaya.