Drunk Benz driver kills 3, hurts 2 near U-Tapao-Pattaya Airport

Paramedics tend to an injured man beside the wrecked Mercedes that smashed into workers burying electricity lines on the roadside.

Three people were killed and two injured when a drunk Mercedes-Benz driver broke through a police checkpoint and plowed into a group of electrical workers in Sattahip.

Rittirong Meechoksom, 49, gave police the middle finger as he broke through the checkpoint on Highway 3126 between U-Tapao-Rayong-Pattaya Airport and the Sattahip Naval Base April 5. Officers jumped out of the way and pursued the speeding Benz in their pickup.

Rittirong didn’t get far, losing control of the luxury sedan, crossing lanes and slamming into a crew burying electricity lines on the roadside.

Two Burmese men, ages 19 and 30, and Preecha Sae-Ue, 58, died at the scene or later at Queen Sirikit Naval Medical Center. Another Thai man was injured and treated there as well.

Rittirong suffered broken ribs and was taken to the hospital under police guard. A blood test confirmed he was far over the legal limit for alcohol.

Rittirong, the drunk driver of the Benz was taken into police custody and will face severe charges of driving under the influence causing injury and death.

Paramedics work desperately to save the lives of the people who were hit by the drunk driver. The smashed Benz can be seen with its driver sitting beside it as police take him into custody.